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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but natural heroes are the most life-changing of them all. We are passionate about bringing plant-based, clean products that deliver results, yet are safe and effective for the entire family. We are part of an increasing population of consumers who demand high-performing clean products for a healthier lifestyle, so we created HeroLife.


HeroLife is a lifestyle brand accentuating natural, plant-based personal care and wellness products created for everyone in the family. Its mission is to return to the earth’s natural roots and take nature’s gifts to develop innovative, clean, skin-friendly, sustainable formulations for men, women and children. Botanically-enriched products that omit harsh synthetics such as sulfates, parabens and mineral oils help to achieve softer, healthier-looking, radiant skin. Skin and body perform at optimal levels when infused with natural extracts, vitamins and soothing high-quality botanicals. We are committed to offering the most effective, clean formulations packaged in recyclable and/or biodegradable materials. We believe that heroes exist within us all. Be the hero for you, for your family and for the planet.
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